Course Descriptions

Abdominal Course

Board-Certified Instructors provide hands-on basic ultrasound instruction including knobology and scanning training, with a heavy emphasis on live scanning and case review. Courses are taught with 50% lecture and 50% live animal scanning. Normal organ architecture and the landmarks needed for easy detection are covered.


Cardiology Course

Board-Certified instructors provide hands-on scanning and knobology training with emphasis on performing a basic cardiac scan. Standard views of the heart will be covered, including M-Mode in short and long axis. Right and left side views are emphasized. Case review features normal and abnormal scanning. Courses are taught with 50% lecture and 50% live animal scanning.


Advanced Abdominal

Board-Certified instructors will provide the intermediate scanner with didactic knowledge. The course consists of a two-hour lecture is followed by a 5-hour scanning lab. Training will place emphasis on finding adrenals, and evaluating intestine and lymph nodes. Lab participants will scan organs and image with Color Flow and Power Doppler. Lab attendance is reduced to enhance participants’ scan time.



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