Client Testimonials

We recently purchased the SIUI 8800 unit, and have been incredibly impressed with its image quality as well as its ease of use. We have 3 other units, all of which pale in comparison to our 8800. The incredible image quality has really allowed our DVM’s to have more confidence when scanning, and as a result, the number of ultrasound studies being performed in our hospital has greatly increased since installation of our 8800. With its compact size, great image quality, and ease of use, we have been incredibly happy and we hope to upgrade our other units SOON!

Travis Wodiske

DVM Family VetCare

Our sales rep was very helpful and did a great job in training.

Chuck Lyons

DVM Mineral Wells Animal Clinic

This (CTS-8800) machine is so amazing that even a novice ultrasonographer like me has identified a pyometra, a liver mass and bladder stones in the few weeks I’ve had the machine. Love it!

Joi Sutton

DVM Tequesta Vet Clinic

The resolution on the 8800 has been excellent!

Kevin Velgersdyk

DVM Normandale Veterinary Hospital

Great image quality for a great price! Customer service has been great!!

Pamela Wright

DVM Animal Ark of Arcadia

We have been very pleased with the purchase of our Phillips HD9 machine from Core Imaging. Our salesperson, Billy, and our new area representative, Chris, have been willing to answer any questions we have with our machine. They have helped us make the transition to a far superior machine very efficient and helped us work out all of our technical problems that we were unable to figure out ourselves. Since purchasing the new machine we are doing more ultrasounds than ever due to the higher quality image it produces. I can’t recommend Billy and Chris as well as Core Imaging enough as they provide top notch customer service with high quality machines at very affordable prices.

Mark Hauser

DVM Surry Animal Hospital

Randy Laufersky went above and beyond the call of duty- he visited our practice two times to get the right combination of probes for our needs and to get our presets on the u/s machine perfect. He was also available via phone several times and if he did not answer directly, he called back within 1/2 hour. Overall a VERY positive experience and ultimately one of the main reasons for this purchase vs. other companies was the excellent customer service!!

Kristina Wilson

DVM Upstate Veterinary Specialties

Met Bill and Chris at the Washington DC meeting of the CVC. Really had no intention of getting a new machine (I have had 4 machines of the same manufacture over the last 12 years). They made the offer to compare their machine against mine. The Philips CX-50 has a superior cardiac package and abdominal imaging. Bill and Chris came to my practice area and set up the machine for my needs. I have a mobile ultrasound practice and have done over 9000 cases. This machine has more than met my expectations.

Ray Lazenby

DVM, MS Eagle Mobile Veterinary Services

I love the Philips HD7XE. Since I purchased the system, the number of ultrasound studies I have done has doubled. The quality of the image is greatly improved from what I was getting with my old unit and my confidence has increased tremendously. Purchasing the Philips HD7XE from Core Imaging has been a great experience. I would recommend Core and the Philips ultrasound to anyone looking to improve their ultrasound ability or to anyone just getting started.

Sherry Weaver


Dear Core Ultrasound,

I am a small animal practitioner in a rural practice. When I began my research for the purchase of an ultrasound, I was concerned with 3 main issues: 1) balance between quality and cost of the machine, 2) training available for use of the machine, and 3) technical support for the machine. My search ended with the purchase of a Phillips EnVisor from the gentlemen at Core Ultrasound.

While researching ultrasound machines, I found the market offered numerous machines with numerous features at a wide range of prices. I was impressed with how the gentlemen of Core Ultrasound listened to what I wanted in an ultrasound for my specific practice. After they understood my needs and my budget, they matched me with a machine that gave me the best value for my dollar.

I have been surprisingly pleased with the quality of technical training available for my ultrasound. My first training was in-house. My sales representative was available for several hours to show me some basic imaging techniques. I have since attended the weekend class for basic imaging. As veterinarians, we attend a lot of continuing education. The weekend class was probably the most practical and useful continuing education I have attended.

I have not had technical problems with my ultrasound, but I did add a USB port. Again, my sales representative from Core Ultrasound was helpful.

Overall, my experience with my ultrasound has been very favorable, thanks to the gentlemen of Core Ultrasound. They are knowledgeable about their machines and they continue to be helpful after the sale of their products. On a personal note, they are entertaining to be around at veterinary convention.

Kevin B. Fuselier

DVM Bellevue Animal Clinic

I would like to share with my veterinary colleagues how delighted I am with my Core Imaging Ultrasound equipment, and hands-on Lab training.

Before becoming a Core Imaging client, I used another company and the difference between the two is amazing. Not only the equipment is of excellent quality and comes with an excellent comprehensive warranty, but Core Imaging will try and pair you with a machine that is correct for your level of use as a practicing veterinarian.

This is very important as there are various price ranges for machines and Core Imaging is not just trying to sell you the most expensive one.

Further, and as important, the continuing education is superb. It is in small groups, with top of the line veterinary specialist that teach in a comprehensive way, but also in a logical way for primary care veterinarians. I have attended in the past lectures and Labs from other companies and there were so many people attending and the Lab sessions did not provide the valuable information that I have gained from the continuing education given by Core Imaging.

Furthermore, I can always call my local representative with any questions I have regarding the equipment and the response is immediate or the same day. The representative is never too busy to address any questions regarding the equipment’s operation. Something that I have not noticed from the other company I have used.

In conclusion: I believe that ultrasound, both abdominal and cardiac, is very important and provides a valuable tool for us veterinarians in providing good medical care to our patients. Core Imaging provides an excellent choice both in equipment and education.

Dr. Ehud Sela

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Margate, Florida

Hi Bill,
Just a note to let you know how much I love my new 8800. As you know, I’m a total neophyte regarding ultrasound, but trying to climb the learning curve. I use the machine many times every day and I’m thinking that I can actually see things now! Thanks for all your great support for a great machine!

Dan Evers, DVM

Newman Veterinary Centers, Deltona,FL