Philips Affiniti 70

Designed for Balance

To balance your many imaging demands, you need diagnostic information quickly-but not at the expense of accuracy. You need advanced functionality but not at the expense of ease of use. You need a system that is ergonomic- but built to last for the daily rigors of high patient volume.

Workflow Meets WOW

With Philips Affiniti 70, workflow meets wow. The system addresses the everyday need to scan quickly and deliver results efficiently, while incorporating those innovations that make Philips ultrasound the choice of those who demand quality images and proven clinical applications. PureWave transducers are designed to increase penetration in technically difficult patients. PureWave’s power is strengthened by Affiniti 70’s precision beamforming, which features a wide dynamic range to deliver superb spatial and contrast resolution, outstanding tissue uniformity, few artifacts and reduced image clutter.

Smart Investment

The Affiniti 70 boasts a low total cost of ownership, making it a smart investment. To enhance uptime, it features:

  1. A modular design for enhanced reliability and rapid repair.
  2. Philips remote services monitoring, which corrects issues using a standard internet connection, reducing the need for service calls.
  3. Access to our award-winning service organization.


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