Philips Affiniti 30

Choosing a new ultrasound system is all about balance. You need accurate diagnostic information quickly, a simplified yet intuitive user interface, and easy access to critical features, along with an ergonomic design and the latest technology.

Philips Affiniti 30 was created to be able to withstand high levels of use on a variety of exam types. It allows you to scan even the most technically difficult patients whether it is for abdominal, cardiac, or musculoskeletal needs. With walk-up usability, 180-degree articulation, and the largest LCD monitor in its class, you will be making precise diagnoses in no time.

The Philips Affiniti 30 gives you the confident results you need, in the time you have. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, and powered by Philips’ superb performance, it gets you diagnostic images you need, quickly – even on the most technically difficult patients. Its intuitive design and walk-up usability help you provide elegant, efficient care – every day.


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