The portable ultrasound that connects to your smart device now available

Grand Rapids, Mich. – July 11, 2018 — Core Imaging is proud to introduce the Philips Lumify, which easily brings exceptional images to a compatible Android smart device.

Simple, portable, and capable of delivering high-quality imagery, the Lumify assists you in making quick, knowledgeable decisions. This innovative device takes ultrasound transducers wherever they need to be to cater to your veterinary needs.

Dr. Brian Poteet of VitalRads in Houston, Texas stated. “One can seamlessly transport from clinic to clinic without disrupting the work flow. It’s effortless to set up in any room, suite, kennel, or even hallway if necessary.”

Although compact, adaptable, and easy to use, this device derives high-quality images that allow for informed decision-making in a short amount of time.

Dr. Kenny Brown stated, “I have an image of tapeworms in a thickened, dilated loop of bowel. I doubt few have seen anything like it!”

By using a smart device, the Lumify allows for effortless multitasking such as connecting to patients’ PACS, sharing images, videos, or notes via email or shared networks.

The Philips Lumify is available through Core Imaging, a Grand Rapids-based veterinary imaging solutions firm. Visit for more information and to request a DEMO.

About Core Imaging
As an employee-owned veterinary diagnostic imaging solutions provider, Core Imaging understands the demands of your growing business and your mission to provide excellence in veterinary medical care. Our team is available to walk you through the sales, installation, education, and technical support phases for the Philips Lumify and other Philips diagnostic imaging products.