The Powerful, Mobile Fluoroscopy System

Grand Rapids, Mich. – July 29, 2018 — Core Imaging proudly offers the multifaceted, high-performance Philips C-Arm Fluoroscopy with unrivaled imaging.

Powerful C-Arm Fluoroscopy allows for minimally invasive procedures including that of cardiovascular, orthopedic, and pain management. This c-arm brings precision to your veterinary practice by overcoming the challenge to see clearly and navigate successfully in every procedure. With exceptional customer support, the Philips C-Arms are bringing revolutionary changes to veterinary medicine.

Resulting in an increase of return on investment, this C-Arm system supports a variety of procedures and offers a 9 or 12-inch configuration and vascular workflow. It is designed with automatic shutter positioning, adaptive Auto Contrast Brightness, and decreased motion blur leading to dynamic results for all of your veterinary practice needs.

In addition to being practice-friendly, this device is environmentally friendly as well. Leaving a smaller footprint, the C-Arm Fluoroscopy uses DoseWise to manage radiation exposure, has the ability to adjust fluoroscopy modes, and applies unique beam filters to block unwanted ‘soft’ radiation.

The Philips C-Arm Fluoroscopy is available through Core Imaging, a Grand Rapids-based veterinary imaging solutions firm. Visit for more information and to request a DEMO.

About Core Imaging
As an employee-owned veterinary diagnostic imaging solutions provider, Core Imaging understands the demands of your growing business and your mission to provide excellence in veterinary medical care. Our team is available to walk you through the sales, installation, education, and technical support phases for the Philips C-Arm Fluoroscopy and other Philips diagnostic imaging products.