Bringing Ease to Dental Solutions, Resulting in a More Efficient, Stress-Free Clinic

Provide a more sophisticated dental experience for your patients while capturing unrivaled, motion-free intraoral images.

The EzRay Vet™ Cart uses maximum image information and the smallest focal spot technology, giving you the capability to make accurate diagnoses every time.

Provide your patients a stress-free environment that allows them to remain in place as the adjustable tube head does all of the work with a minimal exposure time.
Features of CNT Technology X-Ray Tube:

  • Anti-Drift Arm
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Smart Angulation Exposure Compensation
  • Intuitive, Detachable Control Panel
  • Smart Control Dial
  • Various Arm Lengths Available
  • No Warm-Up Time or Delay Between Exposures

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