The quiet elevation, weight bearing table allows for efficient, superior quality imaging

Grand Rapids, Mich. – July 17, 2018 — Core Imaging is pleased to present the MyVet i72W X-Ray Table, which allows for greater productivity through its wireless DR panel, its easy, quiet elevation, and its ability to capture high-quality images on animals either standing or on the table.

This x-ray table possesses a simple, noise free foot switch that lowers to just 10” off the ground, making loading large animals nearly effortless, preventing further discomfort to the animal and the concern of injury to technicians is greatly reduced.

Stephen W. Crane, DVM, chief medical officer and director of Oquendo Center Programs at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas stated, “the power table is a real benefit to reducing patient stress with step on comfort and the quiet motorized movements of the table are a major aid to lessening the work load of patient positioning.”

In addition to easy patient placement, the wireless DR panel with cable free movement from table to wall stand is always ready for any of your veterinary practice needs; and, innovative image stitching effortlessly stitches 2 and 3 images producing a set of exposures that capture the full body of the patient without needing to move them.

The MyVet i72W X-Ray Table is available through Core Imaging, a Grand Rapids-based veterinary imaging solutions firm. Visit for more information and to request a DEMO.

About Core Imaging
As an employee-owned veterinary diagnostic imaging solutions provider, Core Imaging understands the demands of your growing business and your mission to provide excellence in veterinary medical care. Our team is available to walk you through the sales, installation, education, and technical support phases for the MyVet i72W X-Ray Table and other MyVet diagnostic imaging products.