The easy-to-move, easy-to-read wall mount x-ray for a more efficient veterinary dental practice

Grand Rapids, Mich. – August 11, 2018 — Core Imaging is pleased to offer the MyVet EzRay to provide a simpler, more sophisticated dental experience for your veterinary practice.

Turn your clinic into a stress-free environment for animals with easy-to-move, anti-drift arms that bring ease to capturing motion-free intraoral images. By being able to easily adjust the x-ray tube head, the animal may remain comfortably in place; and with a minimal exposure time, there is no need for a lengthy procedure.

Not only does this veterinary dental system allow for the patient to remain relaxed, the EzRay prevents unnecessary trouble for the user as well. The intuitive, detachable control panel is easy-to-use with easy-to-read icons. The contoured tube head is lightweight, and effortless to adjust. In addition to these features, various arm length options are available to best fit your veterinary practice needs.

The EzRay does more than create a sophisticated clinical environment, though. It captures unrivaled diagnostic images with maximum image information and the smallest focal spot technology, resulting in the ability to make more exact diagnoses.

The MyVet EzRay is available through Core Imaging, a Grand Rapids-based veterinary imaging solutions firm. Visit CLICK HERE for more information and to request a DEMO.

About Core Imaging
As an employee-owned veterinary diagnostic imaging solutions provider, Core Imaging understands the demands of your growing business and your mission to provide excellence in veterinary medical care. Our team is available to walk you through the sales, installation, education, and technical support phases for the MyVet EzRay and other MyVet diagnostic imaging products.