brings a professional sonographer to assist you in real-time via the app.

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Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three: 

Reacts is a teleconferencing software for Lumify allowing for simultaneous audio visual 2-way screen sharing through a secure connection.

  1. Turn on tablet, download Reacts app.
  2. Touch “Launch Reacts” from menu
  3. Touch “Create an Account”
  4. Click “I agree to terms….” click “NEXT”, click “Create Account”
  5. Enter first name, last name, email address, enter/create password, confirm password, click on “Create Account”
  6. You are almost there, click “Okay”
  7. Reacts login page. The email and password should already be displayed.
  8. Click “login.”
  9. Once logged in, go to Contacts in the drop down menu and hit ACCEPT to connect with your sonographer.

Step Four: