Easy-to-use ultrasound featuring veterinary presets and one-touch image optimization

Grand Rapids, Mich. – October 16, 2018 — Core Imaging proudly presents the SIUI 8800, which is setting the bar for expectations from ultrasounds within the veterinary community. This system exceeds expectations on all aspects including ease-of-use, image quality, and image transport.

Capturing a clear, smooth image is never a concern when using the SIUI 8800. By using technologies such as Tissue Harmonics, Speckle Reduction, and Variable Image Focusing, the SIUI 8800 produces the best images for telemedicine review. Varying probe options allows for accurate scanning on all patients, even the most technically difficult ones.

Scanning is easier than ever with the veterinary presets on the SIUI 8800. Features such as user-defined measurements, word lists, and veterinary specific measurements make the system easy to learn; and with instant optimization, you will be scanning and perfecting images in no time.

Not only is capturing successful images easier than ever, sharing them is, too. Send your images in real-time to a compatible Apple device, allowing you to present information to your clients faster than ever. From there you may create and save reports that can be shared via email as well.

The SIUI 8800 is available through Core Imaging, a Grand Rapids-based veterinary imaging solutions firm. Visit https://core-imaging.com/product/siui-8800/ for more information and to request a DEMO.

About Core Imaging
As an employee-owned veterinary diagnostic imaging solutions provider, Core Imaging understands the demands of your growing business and your mission to provide excellence in veterinary medical care. Our team is available to walk you through the sales, installation, education, and technical support phases for the SIUI 8800 and other diagnostic imaging products.