Philips IE33 – Refurbished


The iE33 system is the result of innovation and expertise. The xSTREAM architecture, coupled with cutting-edge transducer technologies, is capable of real-time generation of volume data for instantaneous display of Live 3D Echo, Live xPlane images, and now Live 3D TEE images. You can rely on its accurate, precise data for your diagnoses.

Feature list:

  • QLAB image quantification software
  • SonoCT real-time compound imaging
  • Advanced XRES adaptive image processing
  • xMatrix allows the ultrasound image plane to be steered in unlimited directions
  • PureWave crystal technology for clearer imaging on a wider variety of patients
  • Tissue Aberration Correction
  • Tissue Specific Imaging presets and one-button iSCAN optimization in 2D, Doppler and color modes

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